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A Woman 2 years ago
His dick is not small. This is False advertising.
Since when 2 years ago
Was 8 inches small?
CuMaster 2 years ago
If she came, it's not small ;)
Dude 2 years ago
It's small compared to 20 inch dicks. imo a small dick is less than 3 inches when erect. Most dicks are 4-6 inches.
Cameron 2 years ago
I have a small dick that size
Bruh 2 years ago
That girl was still wet asf tho
dad 2 years ago
average dick is like a 5.5- 6 inches
If you’d stop fucking horses 2 years ago
Then this would be more than enough
Nix 2 years ago
I'm just courious who this girl is, i've seen her in some clips and i need more sauce for my research.
Cameron 2 years ago
Why did she go faster at the end