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Teresa VA. 1 year ago
I have delivered pizzas before and I am not proud of it but this one guy offered me a whole lot to stand behind him and give him a handjob while he stood in the doorway with the door open to the neighborhood. Not my proud like I said but it only took about 2 minutes time and he said I was amazing at handjobs so I felt pretty good about the compliment.
Jessica Fla. 2 years ago
Absolutely this happens a lot more than people realize. I deliver restaurant food orders on the side and this happens. Mostly creepy old dudes or guys that live with their mom still will proposition me and I decline but I have had two lonely housewives that answered the door in their robes, and then untied them and opened them when handing me the money and winked. I let one lady go down on was scary but fun
Lol 7 years ago
Bitch is that 7-11 pizza I ordered Pizza Hut
selana 5 years ago
I love it
1 year ago
Damn now I wanna fuck her
jm18 5 years ago
She can bring me pezza any day
wildstallion 1 year ago
not exactly the same thing but I used to drive for fed ex.....had this gorgeous milf in the middle of the country open her door completely buck ass naked. this lady was hot as hell! 5'7, blonde, dark tan, maybe 130 lbs, perfect sexy long legs, perky perfect c cups--fake but a good job. she asked me if I wanted to fuck for a tip and I said hell yes! best stop on my route, always saved her for the end of the day! nobody kept my cock as hard as this slut!
lenny 6 years ago
gourav 6 years ago
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