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Betty 12 years ago
I've found that blokes with big cocks just want to bull them into me and use me as a blocking piece but ones with little cocks are considerate and loving and usually bring me to orgasm with a combination of cock and fingering.
Anon 10 years ago
good on u for putting this on the net, she has a great technique, I only have a 4' penis and I'm almost 30 but none of my previous gf's ever complained, would really enjoy a handjob of a girl with tech like that tho
Tiny penis Bob 9 years ago
The wife did a wonderful job of playing with and masturbating his tiny penis. She obviously is in love with his tiny penis. He sure did cum good. My tiny penis is almost exactly the same size so I really enjoyed watching this.
david 8 years ago
nice understanding wife -- my penis is very small --wish my wife would do that for me
Kevin Owens 6 years ago
That dick is average. Like someone said, it looks small because he is overweight, but his dick is okay... Niggas acting like they have big wangs, but they're jerking to this. At least this nigga is actually getting pussy.
joy 7 years ago
I likes small dicks it feel more better
Stfu your ugly 11 years ago
Mmm I want that in me.
D re 7 years ago
I'm no ashamed I gave a small dick
Meh 8 years ago
His dicks probably normal sized its just that hes fat as fuck so it appears small, and i bet anything the guys watching this saying their dicks are huge are just projecting cus they know they small lol
Goro 11 years ago
People seem to forget, it's not all about the size...you need technique, knowledge, and firepower too.