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Truth 4 years ago
Her tits were small before implants :p
3 years ago
see i didnt know i came here to be offended
Half/Time 2 years ago
I mean, I knew I was on the smaller side, but- Damn :(
SHORT DICK GUY 3 years ago
hey round up to 3
Mme 2 months ago
Damn fake pornstar tits
9 months ago
Wow you can see where the overly large implants have caused the skin to stretch so much that it has left stretch marks permanently.
Fax 3 years ago
that is straight fax
25 hours ago
Imma bang the female outta her
Lol 3 months ago
This happened to me one time lol she got tired of me trying to hump her and just used her hand to finish me off. It was so humiliating but I loved it.
anonimo 2 months ago
menos mal que es un montaje ya que si me lo llegan a hacer le dejo la mandíbula en la nuca