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Earl 3 years ago
There’s nothing sexy about a yeast infection.
yep 3 years ago
christ man, going into that uncovered is asking for a disease
3 years ago
It ain't creamy. She has a yeast infection. Lol
Gross 3 years ago
She has a man's voice
3 years ago
I would've busted inside too. Lol
3 years ago
Yeah thats right young girls like her be fucked by old/grandpa cocks hard and brutal like a good little whore for him
Hard 3 years ago
I lot of young girls, Asians are really creamy! Like all the time, not just when getting fucked!
Jay 2 years ago
She was a nice little lady ... from Phnom Penh ... hard life , lot of drugs ... died about 4 years ago ... and yes i did know her personally .
Tx_bounty 3 years ago
perfectly filled
Pierce 3 years ago
Good job