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Linda 2 years ago
Avg size dick, a little thin but workable. Ive seen smaller and ive seen bigger.. A dick is a dick i love them all. I suck his
2 years ago
gorgeous cock, gorgeous girl too
Brad 2 years ago
God damn. I’d let her suck me.
6.5 incher 6 months ago
She is wifey material
Spencer 1 year ago
Sexy dick maybe same length as me but skinnier than mine I'm about 5 inches around 6.2 inches long
Feetandcocks 5 months ago
What a great little dick!
Hard cocks rock 8 months ago
Little dicks are so hot, know how good that little penis would feel in your mouth
8 months ago
That’s way bigger than mine …
Javier 10 months ago
Those are Latinos
Jayman 10 months ago
Wish it was longer (the video)